Ring in the New Year!

Set an intention for an extraordinary new year by joining us for a very special class taught by Juicy and surrounded by your favorite yogis. Class will be followed by a champagne toast and some lucky foods at midnight.

Buy your tickets now and save!
$35 by December 15th, $40 after
Doors at 9pm, class at 10pm

Want to get in the spirit? Dress the part by taking a cue from Brazilian culture and wearing special lucky colors to celebrate the arrival of the new year. White is the predominant color to wear and it is of course about peace. Yellow is for money. Red is to attract passion and romance. Purple denotes inspiration. Choosing the right underwear is important in Rio – choose wisely to start your year off right!

Noon Nails on Friday!

Have you tried Jamberry Nails yet? What are you waiting for?

These nail wraps are an easy and economical way to get salon quality nails that you do yourself – and they make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer.

They are fun, festive, non-toxic, latex-free, vegan and made in the USA, plus they come in 300+ different styles to match your look – and you can even create your own custom designed nail wraps. Anything is possible!

Starting this Friday, December 12th, after the noon class we’ll have an opportunity for you to get together with us to learn about nails – try a sample, or even put on a full set of nails!

December 10th is the last day to order online and receive by December 24th.

We also have some designs in stock – ask to check them out or for a sample! We would love to share with you about this awesome way to express yourself with nail art.

For information or to order go to our Yoga Jam page or ask Juicy or Steve23 in the studio.

Our Lady of Tadasana

Our Lady de Guadalupe en Tadasana by Deidre DeFranceaux

Our Lady de Guadalupe en Tadasana by Deidre DeFranceaux

On the elevator door in the studio, we have a mural in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe – the patron saint of Mexico. We call her Our Lady of Tadasana (Tree Pose) and she was conceived by my dear husband, Steve23, who is of Mexican American descent. She was created by our dear friend and yoga student, Diedre DeFranceaux and her student assistant, Mika.

When we arrived at the studio in the Mission, it was a blank pallet, and Steve23 used his artistic sensibilities to conceive of a Buddhist Hacienda for the style concept – a blending of India and Mexico – to mix the neighborhood and the yogic traditions together in harmony.

We hope you like the art and the story that we have created with love and respect for all cultures.

Yoga Jam Party – Decompression Edition – Friday Oct 10th

Our second Yoga Jam Party gets bigger and better! Join us for a very special night of yoga, community, and fabulous fun.

Yoga Jam Disco Ball

We will kick off the night with a vinyasa class at 6:30pm taught in The Sun Room by a special guest teacher, Cheri Rae Russell  from Peace Yoga Gallery of Los Angeles. Then we’ll move the party to the Bikram Studio, where you’ll be able to sample Jamberry Nails, aromatherapy, drink specials, chair massage, sound healing table, and more!

We hope to see your smiling happy face at our community event!