It’s Raining Men!

unnamed (9)Guys, we’re really excited to announce both showers are now fully functional! The transformation is not yet complete, but you are welcome to start taking advantage of the renovations. Thank you for your patience while we have been working on this project.

The deck in front of both showers is now one level, plus the floor is pitched so the excess water flows right back into the showers! We’ve unified the lockers on one wall and are touching up the paint. Our goal is to finish the floor in the front half of the room and build cubbies in between two of the columns.

The Mission is changing and we are growing – things continue to evolve around the studio!

Massage at the Floating Lotus

unnamed (8)Hello, my name is Mark Taber and I am pleased to offer professional massage & bodywork to everyone at Mission Yoga. Many of the modalities that I specialize in are designed with yoga in mind. I have 8 years experience in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Rolfing and Thai styles of massage. I can help with structural alignment and integration to help balance out the body and take stress off of compensating areas. Integrating yoga and massage also awakens awareness throughout the body by allowing the focus towards the moment of contact.

If you are interested in incorporating massage into your life or ready to further your yoga practice, please contact me for an appointment and we can discuss what treatments and applications will work for you.

New Clients save $10 on 1st 60 min or $15 on 1st 90 min

Call (415) 448-7098 to talk to Mark or
Book an appointment now!

Family Yoga

unnamed (7)We had so much fun last time, we’re really excited about our next session of yoga with the whole family!

Alyssa leads a class that’s perfect for kids of all ages and adults – she’s fun, gentle, and welcoming. Class is one set, one hour, with no heat. $10 per child.

Sign up here!

Saturday March 21st
2:00 – 3:00pm

Photo Posture Clinic

unnamed (2)Want to get more out of your yoga class?

Join Juicy for a special afternoon dedicated to you and your practice, where you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the poses than ninety minutes allows!

Jorge will be taking photos that will allow you to see things you can’t see when you are focused on one point – practicing your yoga.

We’ll have time for questions and answers during class, and after class, we can view the photos together and take more questions!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity for yourself and your practice – and you will get the photos to keep for yourself after the class is over.

Reserve your spot now!
Sunday March 22nd
1:00 – 3:30pm

Choose Your Own Challenge

unnamed (1)
If you truly want to enjoy the benefits of Bikram Yoga, then you need to take the steps necessary to make it a habit. One of the best ways to develop the yoga habit is to commit to our Spring Challenge – it’s a great opportunity for you to deepen your practice, lose your winter waistline, meet new friends, win prizes and have some fun!

For our 8th Annual Spring Challenge, we are offering several different ways to participate.
For the first three options, you must complete the number of classes within the specified time frame. If you miss a class, you may do two classes in one day to make up for the missed class.

“The Hardcore Yogi”
90 classes in 90 days

“The Springback”
60 classes in 60 days
Last day to register is March 16th

“The Traditional”
30 classes in 30 days
Last day to register is April 15th

These next two options are a little more laid back, but still provide a challenge and a goal.

EVERYONE can do this Challenge!

“The I Got This”
5 classes per week for 6 weeks
Last day to register is April 3rd

“The Maintenance”
3 classes per week for 6 weeks
Last day to register is April 3rd

Registration for all Challenges is $29, please see the front desk for more details.

Everyone that completes the Challenge will:

Receive a brand new 2015 model body, now with less fat, more strength and a bigger smile.

Be invited to autograph our “Wall of Fame”

Receive an awesome purple ombre Spring Challenge T-Shirt
(see below for the image that will be on the shirt)

When you complete your goal, you will be entered in a drawing to
win a prize package tailored for each Challenge that may include:

FREE Chiropractic
FREE Massage
FREE Juice Cleanse
FREE Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Mission Yoga Stickers!

The bigger the Challenge, the bigger the prize!